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Zone Powered Conveyor

How the avancon ZPC (Zone Powered Conveyor) works and saves up to 84 % energy:

"ZPC" means "Zone Powered Conveyor". It is a modern roller and belt-conveyor system, which offers fast transporting throughout the whole internal logistics, to be used before crossings and stops with the ability of zero pressure accumulation (ZPA). It is developed for smooth and fast transporting but not only for "accumulation" as APC or ZPA or other names. The avancon ZPC-conveyor system is controlled through the field bus AS-interface, which runs on nominal 30 V and the new version of DC-motors, which  works with 48 V by 40 Watt.

energy savings conveyor technology, zeropressure accumulation principal,

avancon ZPC powers each zone separately in the moment when something has to be transported on this zone. If the zone in front is occupied, it stops and consumes no energy; if the zone in front is empty, it transports with 0.3 m/sec. to the zone in front; if 5 zones in front are empty, it transports continuously with 5 times the speed to and over the zones in front...and so on. In addition it always starts and stops smoothly. When running there is of course a gap between the goods to transport of one zone length each.
This means that in cases where in front is already a good standing it will accumulate with zero pressure and not touch the goods in front. avancon uses this principle always for all conveyors.








The main advantages of the avancon ZPC-System are


         ENERGY SAVINGS - up to 84 % , (compared to long belt-driven roller conveyors with 0.5 to 1 KW Motors)





                                                    - besides an outstanding, avant-garde DESIGN!


Authentic statement of a new customer

“Wait a moment, - this energy savings would mean for our customer to save several hundred $ per year!”

“The cheapest energy is the energy you

                             don't use in the first place.”

Sheryl Crow