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Benefits and Values of avancon ZPC Conveyor Concept

Your incomparable Materials Handling System stands out in Design and in Function.
– “visionary and out-of-the-box -


This advanced elegant system will immediately catch customers and visitor’s eyes.

– “creates pure desire” –


Your Conveyor systems represent the latest technology.


Your Conveyors in your Logistics Center look smooth and extraordinary modern - "just avant-garde"


Your Distribution system resists against damages and feels like Silk.


Your operators perform maintenance very easy and fast.


Your service people don’t need big handbooks and education for any possible maintenance.


Your Cost for maintaining your Conveyor Systems will be very low.


You have a system with extreme high Securitymechanical and electrical.


You can simply assemble and maintain the integrated highly intelligent control system.


Your material handling systems work autonomously with ZPC-control, which include PLC and the worldwide famous fieldbus AS-interface.


You don’t need a central control cabinet anymore and no extra cables and cable channels even in your very large Distribution Systems – reduced costs.


Your System is able to communicate with nearly all possible higher IT or Bus infrastructure.


You will save a big amount of money due to high energy savings - up to 84%.


Your Materials Handling System is sustainable, easily expandable and recyclable.


You can realize the installation of this ZPC-System much faster than any other system based on "real "plug-in”.


You benefit from very quiet working operation, because the drives and the special roller combinations made of high-tech polymers absorb the noise.


Your people will work much healthier and more efficient in a quieter and more modern atmosphere.









You will get all worldwide patents for free.


You can get it with "Private Label" - your Corporate Identity.


You save Time and Cost through easy planning with modular Transfer-Platform.


You save cost in Assembly and Installation.


You have low inventory Cost through ‘Just-In-Time’ (fast) delivery worldwide.


You need only a few additional machines - low investment.


You can build large and small conveyor systems for 1000 different applications.

For the OEM and System Integrator:

Let's talk together about all these benefits and much more in a personal meeting.

“I’ve never seen that before! – Flexible, variable, simple and in addition attractive! – Now I can imagine many new application!”

Authentic statement of a new customer

Sorter and chutes by Avancon for Bastian Solution

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get"

Warren Buffet

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Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology