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   information please contact:









        Christian Dürst, CEO

   Phone: +41 91 222 1010

  e-mail: c.duerst(at)avancon.com









           Moira Soldati

  Phone: +41 91 791 4453

  e-mail: media(at)avancon.com



For North America please contact











        Travis R. Rosenbach

         Managing Director

 Avancon North America Corp.

  phone: +1 (331) 826-7232

e-mail: t.rosenbach(at)avancon.com



For ASIAN Countries please contact












            Hyunmin Park

         Managing Director

         Avancon Asia Ltd.

phone +82 (0)31-985-6330

Mobile +82 10 3410 3223

e-mail: hyunmin.park(at)avancon.com

Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology