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Zone Powered Coveyor

The avancon                 Power Supply in a conveyor crossbeam.
protected, invisible, easy to assemble and to use

This is patented in most industrialized countries worldwide.

1. It's first simply a crossbeam in the
    construction with the variable length

    of the internal conveyor width.

2. It's second the Power Supply for up to

    20 avancon brush-less DC Motors

     at 40 W / 48 V in the avancon 
    ZPC- conveyor system or at 24 V everywhere.

3. It's third the current supply for the

    avancon ZPC-Control Concept, based on

    ASi fieldbus. It fulfills the safety 
    requirements of PELV
    (Protective Extra Low Voltage).




min. length is 330 mm

max. 2000 mm

Exploded design of the 3-in1 Power-Supply , the rollers and the frame-construction

Everything is within this framework, completely closed and hidden.

It does not bother anyone and is very safe. - But incredible powerful! - For all zpa-conveyors.


The "3-in-1" Power-Supplay with the additional plug-in for the ASi Control System

The Power-Supply E601: for up to 20 brush-less DC-Motors of 48 V.

Up to 20 Motors can be served with one Power-Supply "3-in-1" at 24 V


In addition, there is the small board E603 which can be put on the main board for the supply of DC-current of about 30.5 V for the ASi-field-bus. Up to 62 slaves/sensors or actuators can be connected.



build-in Power-Supply for brushless DC motors and for the fieldbus AS-interface used in Conveyor Systems


The base can be opened with a few screws.

On one side there is the plug for the AC cables

110 /240 V and on the other side there are two plugs, one for the brush-less Motors (black cable) and one for the ASi Bus (yellow cable). If the additional board is plugged in, the cables can be easily fixed without any tools.






This "3-in-1" Power Supply Unit has been developed  together with the famous German power supply manufacturer PULS-Group. We have applied for worldwide patents.

"Oh yes, how easy and you don’t see it.”

Authentic statement of a new customer

Now, here it is, the exceptional

3-in-1” Power-Supply for Conveyor Systems: invisible, inexpensive and very easy to install.

You will save

all your small cabinets, which you have to place in distances of 4 to 6 m along the conveyor line by having a clean and straight wiring in your conveyors.

As you see above, you can use this

"3-in-1" Power Supply also in your own existing conveyor frame construction, even if it is completely different from the avancon ZPC-system. (It is available also for 24 V, suitable for up to 20 motors).

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Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology