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Zone Powered Conveyor

The avancon                 Power Supply in a crossbeam,
protected, invisible, easy to assemble and to use.

min. length is 330 mm

max. 2000 mm

The new avancon Power Supply is a 3-in-1 Unit:

1. It just replaces a crossbeam in the frame
    construction with the variable length of the internal
    conveyor width.

2. This  avancon Power Supply for the field-bus is special for:
    AS-interface. It fulfills the safety requirements of
    PELV (Protective  Extra Low Voltage).

3. It is a Power Supply for up to 20 avancon
    brush-less DC Motors à 48 V / 40 W in the avancon 


The base can be opened with a few screws.

On one side is the plug for the AC cables 110 /240 V and on the other side there are two plugs, one for the brush-less Motors  (black cable) and one for the AS-i Bus (yellow cable) If the additional board is plugged in. The cables can be fixed without any tools.


As "cable channel" for AC cables we use the empty frame-profile on the opposite frame side.

The main profiles has holes at these positions for putting the cables through.


You will save all your small cabinets, which you have to place in distances of 4 to 6 m along the conveyor line by having a clean and straight wiring in your conveyors. (No spaghetti syndromes any more.)


This "3-in-1" Power Supply Unit has been developed  together with the famous German power supply manufacturer PULS-Group. We have applied for worldwide patents.

Now, here it is, the exceptional

3-in-1” Power-Supply for Conveyor Systems – invisible - inexpensive and very easy to install.

The "3-in-1" Power-Supplay with the additional plug-in for the ASi Control System
Exploded design of the 3-in1 Power-Supply , the rollers and the frame-construction

The Power-Supply E601 for up to 15  brush-less DC-Motors of 48 V.

Up to 20 Motors can be served with one Power-Supply "3-in-1" at 24 V


In addition, there is the small board E603 to be fixed on the main board for the supply of DC-current of about 30.5 V for the field-bus AS-interface. There can be up to 62 slaves/sensors or actuators being connected.


build-in Power-Supply for brushless DC motors and for the fieldbus AS-interface used in Conveyor Systems

As you see above, you can use this "3-in-1" Power Supply also in your  own frame construction, also if it is completely different from the avancon ZPC-system. (it will be available also for 24 V, suitable for up to 20 motors.)

We estimate delivery end of Sept. 2017. For more detailed information, please contact us.

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