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Omni-directional Transfer Unit


In ANY Direction with avancon OTU - 360°

Conveyor element for any direction, construction kit for transfer tables and switches, omni directional conveyor element

For conveyor-switches and conveyor-crossings into
ANY direction.

Thanks to the ingenious technique these patented avancon OTUs (Omni-directional-Transfer-Units) present a simple, easy to fix and high performance solution for crossings and switches in conveyor lines and logistic systems. See also the video...


As a universal and variable element it is able to transfer all sizes of goods with very high speed (3000 boxes per hour).


This brick can be just put together through the dove-tails and being connected with the timing belt, one to another. So you get any size of transfer tables for switches and diverters, crossings and sorters and many more.


The avancon OTU drives the rollers directly through a bevel gear system inside.


All OTUs of a transfer table are connected with T-5-belts (timing belt) and

the direction is changed via a tooth rod.

The latter is moved by one or two new high performance BRDC-motors.


There are generally no pneumatic devices in use! OTU-tables are built very flat!


A separate field-bus AS-interface controls the OTU table with all the brush-less motors, smooth and fully automatic.

It is designed for the avancon ZPC conveyor- system, but can also be used

in other material handling systems and the controls can communicate with

higher lever IT/BUS topology.

conveyor crossings with avancon OTU elements, conveyor diverters with OTU elements, conveyors for all directions

The avancon OTU table works with 1.5 meters/sec. and conveys up to 6000 units per hour, depending on the length of the goods.

If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you'll be amazed at the results.

George S. Patton