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avancon Omni-directional Transfer Tables for Roller Conveyors, Crossings, Diverters and Sorters


The profiles are

put together to an OTU-

table or they can be used as

single lines in distances (depending on the goods to be transported.

The OTU-tables - or the OTU-

lines - can be screwed between any profile-frame construction.

They can be assembled in

 length and width in

relation to the sizes of

the goods to be


No additional pneumatics are necessary.

“Unbelievable, how flat this OTU-table is constructed.”

Authentic statement of a new customer

a view from below

You can do much more with OTU,

here are  examples:

Example 1.)

This special OTU-table allows to transfer Boxes cross into one or two new lines without changing or turning the boxes.







This is, when the barcode label is on the correct side (white label).







Condition is - of corse, a flat base of the boxes or cartons.

The same special OTU-table allows also to transfer Boxes into one or two new lines while turning the boxes by 180° in order to get the wrong barcode label (yellow) onto the correct site (white).




This is managed through the avancon electronic control system.






Condition is - of corse, a flat base of the boxes or cartons.



Example 2.)

This box doesn't change the way it is transported. The OTU table just moves it cross into another direction.

This box changes the way of its direction, it turns around like a small curve. The OTU table just moves all the single rows of the OTU for a turning direction around the big wheel.




logistics system for e-commerce companies, modern distribution conveyors, materials handling system for online shops

E-Commerce and Logistics distribution system in China/Shanghai

OTUs (Omnidirectional Transfer Units) allowed to build complex distribution system

See this very complex distribution system for transporting boxes to the various picking places in front of a high-bay warehouse. Only the OTU-tables made this compact installation  possible, installed in Italy.


“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”


Winston Churchill


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Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology