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Omni-directional Transfer Unit


Conveyor Switches and Crossings with avancon OTU

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Conveyor crossings and switches to right or left or both are realized with avancon OTU-system “Omni directional Transfer Units”.


These avancon OTUs can be put together to small or large tables

and can be used for switches and transfers and crossings and sorters.

They operate by a new type of high performance BRDC motors in line

and can built a curve for fast transport on switches.


The avancon conveyor diverters and avancon conveyor crossings are completely pre-assembled - with all avancon electronic controls and tested in house.

avancon conveyor crossings and switches as modules can be easily put together at site in real “plug and play”.

These fast diverters can also be used for sorters into both directions.


Conveyor cross-table, easy crossing conveyor, fast transfer conveyor, modern element for crossings in conveyor systems,
fast diverter conveyor, easy element for any diverter in conveyors, modern element for conveyor switches, conveyor sorter

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