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Conveyor Switches and Crossings with avancon OTU

Every line of an OTU-table can be individually programmed in relation to the degree of the direction-change as well as of the speed.


divert goods

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The avancon conveyor diverters and avancon conveyor crossings are completely pre-assembled - with all avancon electronic controls and BRD DC-Motors and are tested in house.

avancon conveyor crossings and switches as modules can be easily put together at site with easy “plug -in”.

These fast diverters can also be used for sorters into both directions.


“Who had this brilliant Idea? – With this OTU brick we can solve everything. – Fantastic!”

Authentic statement of a new customer

The most easy, modular and economical element to build switches, crossings, corners, and movements in any direction.


avancon OTU-tables in a customer Sorter-instalation in China

OTU tables in a Sorter Installation incorporated in an avancon ZPC - Sorter-System at Samsung in South Korea

Conveyor cross-table, easy crossing conveyor, fast transfer conveyor, modern element for crossings in conveyor systems,
fast diverter conveyor, easy element for any diverter in conveyors, modern element for conveyor switches, conveyor sorter
distribution conveyors in a large warehouse

avancon ZPC-Roller-Conveyor-System with OTU-transfers of 360° in front of a high-bay warehouse in North Italy

Time only moves in one direction; remember that. Things always change.

Mohsin Hamid

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Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology