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Omni-directional Transfer Unit

Conveyor Switches and Crossings with avancon OTU

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Conveyor crossings and switches to the right or to the left or both are realized with avancon OTU-system “Omni directional Transfer Units”.


These avancon OTUs can be put together to small or large tables and can be used for switches, transfers, crossings and sorters.

They operate with a new type of high performance BRDC motors in line

and can build a curve for fast transport on switches.


The avancon conveyor diverters and avancon conveyor crossings are completely pre-assembled - with all avancon electronic controls and tested in house.

avancon conveyor crossings and switches as modules can be easily put together at site in real “plug and play”.

These fast diverters can also be used for sorters into both directions.


“Who had this brilliant Idea? – With this OTU brick we can solve everything. – Fantastic!”

Authentic statement of a new customer

double diamont conveyor crossing, multiline conveyor crossing, double slip switch, crossways roller conveyor

We can also offer crossways transfers, which go straight on each line or change direction to the other line. A very easy and economical solution.

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double sided diverter, both sides conveyor switch, roller-conveyor with diverter on both sides, double switch

Of course we produce double-switches for both sides, right and left.


With these we can also build a sortation line with unlimited length by just putting one double-switch on the other.

We control it with a small PLC unit and the As-i Control system.


The sorter runs at present with 1.5 m/sec. This means for boxes/cartons of 600 x 400 mm about 7000 pcs/h.- This is fast enough for most applications.

sortation line in an e-commerce company
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distribution conveyors in a large warehouse

avancon ZPC-Roller-Conveyor-System with OTU-transfers of 360° in front of a high-bay warehouse

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