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antique versus avant-garde Conveyors

old style and obsolete conveyor construction

antique conveyor from 1950,

Separated Guide screwed on the profiles.

Perforated steel-sheet profile with many holes.- dust catcher!

All steel profiles were painted. - Claw marks are visible.

Power elements (O-belts, V-belts, etc.) externally visible and not safe.

Photo-sensors on top of the profiles mounted. - conveyed goods can damage.

In case of accumulation, control-boxes are screwed on the U- or C-profiles.-

Many cables have to be equipped with plugs in order to plug them into the

 sockets of the control boxes. - time consuming, expensive!

 “Spaghetti syndrome” of cables everywhere in U- or C-profiles. -

high installation cost. Cables have to be fixed somehow.

In case of long lines, there is very often a separate cable channel necessary. - .

Legs are also produced from perforated steel sheet profiles -

full of dust after some time in use.

I addition there are often pneumatic lines for pneumatic devices necessary.

Partly the profile is covered with a separate profile made of PVC...

Still today you will find such constructions. It's hard to believe.

Future: avant-garde invention

clean and secure conveyor design, most modern conveyor, new conveyor, avant-garde conveyor, secure convoyor

Profiles made of fine anodized Aluminum, torsion resistant and aesthetic.

It combines all single profiles of earlier constructions in one.

The photo-sensors are mounted in a transparent and protected

housing inside the profile frame.

All patented drive elements are inside the closed profile frames  installed,

absolutely secure - without any tools!

The also patented wiring with ASi-Bus System is simple, flexible,

maintenance friendly and easy and fast installed resp. exchanged.

The  conveyor sections are in the factory completely assembled

and tested.

The single conveyor sections can then easily being installed at

site through - pure plug-and-play -, including the electronics.

The legs are smooth and aesthetically formed of fine anodized


Nowhere sticks something out, not even a screw head.

.made for tomorrow and beyond.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.                                 Abraham Lincoln


Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology