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Zone Powered Coveyor

The avancon ZPC Roller- and Belt Conveyor Platform

The patented avancon
ZPC modular Transfer Platform is

split between the drive-and control elements,

the cables and the photo-sensor, which are all

inside the frame and...

...the various portable avancon conveyor-elements, as single rollers,

double rollers, "multiblock"-rollers, rollers for special applications,

full width rollers made of steel zinc-plated or anodized aluminum

or ZPC-belt system.

You get a high flexibility when using the avancon roller corpus with spacer in various positions. Depending on the base of the boxes you can save a lot of money by choosing the equvalent roller combination.

"Oh, I did not think on so many possibilities with these Rollers.  That's amazing!"

Authentic statement of a new customer



Avancon Distribution and Sorting conveyor system in a high bay warehouse

One platform for thousand solutions!

Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology