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Zone Powered Conveyor

This avancon Roller-Conveyor has everything inside the frame, secure, protected, hidden, clean...

Move your mouse over the image
and see how everything is inside.

“Yes, this is truly designed to the last detail.”

Authentic statement of a new customer

This modern avancon ZPC - "Zone Powered Conveyor"

system is totally different and new.

It is full of new and innovative ideas. Six Patents have been registered in most industrialized countries worldwide. The concept functions fully autonomous.

It is equipped with new developed


The new separated drive system and all electronic controls are inside the closed frame.

The sleek contours of the frame platform

made of anodized Aluminum combine modern aesthetic perception with high stability and

torsion stiffness  and look

 avant-garde inr any aspect.

Nothing sticks out, not even a screw head.

Your operators who stand or walk along the

conveyor cannot being injured.


All elements, as bearing-housings, photo sensors, electronic control boxes etcetera are

only snapped-in - no screws, no other fixations,

no tools are necessary to assemble or

disassemble the parts. All cables are snapped

into their places, guided in the patented rips of the profiles - no  “spaghetti syndrome!” of cables - a very easy and patented design.


Can you imagine the advantages of this
intelligent avancon concept?

It is clean, it is protected, it is secure, it is easy to open and to maintain and it fits to your modern machine centers and architecture.

The whole frame construction is made

of anodized Aluminum....Feels like silk!

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“Design is an art that works.”

Stephen Bailey