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Zone Powered Conveyor

avancon Roller– and Belt–Conveyor Curves

avancon Roller Conveyor-Curves can be made with double conveyor-rollers  or rollers with spacers. avancon Conveyor Curves are always wider as the straight lines in relation to transporting the largest goods.


avancon Conveyor-Curves can be made for all standard width and

length of the goods to be transported.

All Curves work in the full ZPC-(zone powered conveyor for zero

 pressure accumulation) function.


There are no special tapered rollers necessary anymore!

avancon Curves are also available as new engineered belt conveyor

curves in the full ZPC-function.

Roller conveyor curve, powered roller curve, ZPA roller curve, ZPC roller curve for zero pressure accumulation
ZPC belt conveyor curve, Belt conveyor curve allowing zero pressure accumulation (ZPA)
curves in materiels handling systems, convezor curves with ZPA and ZPC functions

A figure with curves always offers a

lot of interesting angles.

Wesley Ruggles

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