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Zone Powered Coveyor

avancon automated Roller and Belt Conveyor System for Logistics and Distribution Centers

zpa-material handling system. distribution system for e-commerce, modern logistic system for boxes and cartons, modular intra-logistic system,

“Wow, that looks convincing!”

This new and modern avancon ZPC Conveyor System works in Zones (ZPC) with full zero pressure functionality. It is designed for Internal logistics and  distribution systems. It transports Cartons, Boxes, Trays, Totes, Bags, Solar Cells or Panels, Furniture and what has to be conveyed throughout the internal logistics and distribution centers.

Ideal for e-commerce and online-shops.


There are no limits!

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avancon applications from different industries:

shipping lines in a chinese e-commerce company


car-parts distribution

dispatch with a scale

sortation line with avancon OTU and avancon chutes in a large e-commerce company
modern roller-conveyor before an x-ray checking machine, very secure conveyor in airport hand-baggage checkpoints

e-commerce sorter

easy assembly

airport security

OTU-transfer by Avancon in airport checkpoint lines
OTU transfer table in a shipping area

airport security


sorter (just before assembly)

picking places with, avancon conveyor systems as picking area
picking zones with avancon conveyor system
modern dispatch and control conveyor system

Picking Zones/Warehousing

Picking Zones/Warehousing

Control and Dispatch line

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