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Aluminum Frames in modern avancon Conveyor Systems

patented aluminum profile with snapp-in forms for bearing-housings and oher.



The extrusion of Aluminum allowed us to form the patented avancon frame system - internal with rips

and outside elegant ,
streamlined, modern,  clean and


Profile for avancon conveyor-legs, cross-beam-profile for hangers and many other application

Aluminum is now the second most widely used metal in the world, after iron. This is because Aluminum has a unique combination of attractive properties. Low weight (about 1/3 of steel; even when constructed with thicker walls it is mostly only 50% of steel), high strength, superior malleability, easy machining, excellent corrosion resistance and good thermal and electrical conductivity are amongst Aluminum’s most important properties.


Anodizing increases the thickness of the oxide layer and thus

improves the strength of the natural corrosion protection.

In addition, it creates a fine silk-like mat surface and confers a dynamic line design.


Since 1909 airplanes have been made of Aluminum. Now, also the car industry has discovered this material. Also. most Computers and Phones from Apple are made of anodized Aluminum.














We could form these patented rips inside these profiles of anodized Aluminum by the process of extrusion. These rips hold - thanks to the ingenious technique - all drive systems and control systems - as bearing housings, control elements, photo-sensors, AS-i cables. Everything is secure and clean just snapped-in without any tools.

Furthermore, these rips increase the mechanical strength and torsion stiffness of the frame-platform.


All holes are fast milled (in CAD/CAM) on a special machine only for the necessary requirement and are all closed with the snapped-in elements. No holes remain open at the end.


For avancon legs, crossbeams, hangers, supports and many other side-constructions we use only one elegant anodized Aluminum profile. This looks very precious and aesthetic.

About 95 % of all Aluminum used is recycled today. This cost much less than using new materials and much less than steel to recycle and it reduces drastically the pollution and energy consumption.


"Steve Jobs – the man who made aluminum sexy."

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Avancon-Logo, avant-garde conveyor technology